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Strategic Athletics Administrative Reviews

Advance your sports programs with comprehensive athletic administrative reviews from Meiser Sports Consulting.  We help strengthen athletic departments by building a foundation of academic athletic excellence within a conservative model of efficiency and professionalism.  MSC tailors solutions with practical and meaningful application for your level of sport organization.

Areas of Expertise

Enhance your sports program with custom professional service specific to the needs of your athletic personnel and campus administrators. With a great resume that includes experience in coaching and all levels of leadership, we know exactly how to help you. Get recommendations on our areas of expertise:



• Strategic Planning
• Financing the Model
• Operational Reviews
   • Policies/Procedures
   • Compliance Assessment
   • Title IX
   • Risk Managment
• Student Athlete Model
   • Health & Welfare
   • Academic Excellence
• Coach/Administrator
   • Leadership Development
   • Team Building
• Advancement
• Leadership Training
• Transitions
• Inclusion


• Partnership Developement
• Special Projects
• Team Building





Patricia Meiser - Athletic Administration

American Football - Athletic Administration

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